“Who Uses Custom Container Homes?”

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From holiday parks to mining operations, to new and established residential home owners… These are just some of the people and businesses seeking more space and cost effective permanent and part time living solutions with Custom Container Homes in Sydney.

Who Uses Custom Container Homes?

First Home Buyers – It’s no surprise that with increasing house prices, it’s hard for those first home buyers and young couples to save and finance the right amount. That’s why you’ll find heaps of young Australians turning to container homes. They’re a cost-effective alternative to the traditional home that doesn’t drag them into years of ongoing mortgage repayments. Why choose anything else?

Mining & Construction Companies – For all those off-the-grid operations that are far from home, container homes are perfect for on-site accommodation or offices. Simply pack up and move on once work is finished and take them with you for any other jobs to come. A smart choice for business, and a great investment all-round!

Retirees – These days we’re seeing more and more retirees contacting us about expandable container homes for several reasons. Many retirees no longer need the big family home and want to downsize so they can save their time, money and energy on maintenance.

All of them love the price savings of buying an expandable container home compared to buying a unit in a retirement village. They also love having more money to play with so they can travel more often while keeping their independence.

Farming & Agriculture services – Plenty of farmers use our custom container homes for extra accommodation, storage and offices for their agricultural businesses.

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Caravan & Holiday Parks – Portable, compact, low-maintenance and easy to assemble, container homes are a no-fuss option perfect for caravan and holiday parks, and for those people wanting a few short weeks stay or for the long-term.

They’re more comfortable than caravans, and our container homes may be a tax deduction that you’re able to take advantage of.

People Downsizing Their Home – With the kids all grown up and moved out of the family home, parents are left with a large home with a lot of unused empty space. Custom Container Homes structures are a must-have for those parents & retirees looking to downsize and relax in the comfort of a compact, yet spacious, home.

Who else uses Custom Container Homes?

  • Property investors
  • Families looking to break into the home market on a budget
  • People who need a home office
  • Massage therapists and other home-based health professional services
  • Acreage-land owners
  • Schools who need additional classroom space
  • Wineries
  • And many others!

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