“Seven Benefits Of Custom Container Homes.”

There’s no doubt that there are many benefits of owning a Custom Container Home structure for private or business purposes.

For one, home property values in Australian are constantly increasing.

Young Australians looking to buy their first home are being locked out of owning their own home. Retirees looking to downsize enjoy our comfortable, safe and practical container homes without having any maintenance.

Then there are the countless families seeking an affordable home or additional space, and businesses looking for practical staff or guest accommodation.

That’s why Custom Container Homes offers a safe, portable, profitable, reliable and easy solution for all Australians and businesses, and for all budgets. With us you’ll eliminate your temporary or permanent housing worries and staff accommodation expenses for good.

Custom Container Homes structures come with many benefits. They’re ideal for site offices and staff accommodation, granny flats, teenage retreats, and in-law and guest spaces. You can even use them to generate a rental income.

Our relocatable container homes are a perfect, cost-efficient permanent and part time accommodation living solution that won’t cost you your life savings or starve your businesses cash flow.

What other benefits can Custom Container Homes give you?

Here are just seven benefits people and businesses value about Custom Container Homes

1.Your Home, Your Way –We’re not called Custom Container Homes for no reason… there truly are endless customisable options that come with your container home or site office. Whether you need custom external cladding, furniture, flooring, extra doors or windows, extra walls or partitions, or extra rooms, you can build your container home entirely your way.

2. Plumbing & Electrical Installed For You – We’ll organise a plumber and electrician to take care of installation, and everything is done meeting Australian Standards with SAA certification, so you can leave it all to us if you like.

3. Put An End To Your Mortgage Woes – You’ll find our container homes are a fraction of the price of traditional homes and home loans… meaning you can live a mortgage-free, happy and safe life in the comfort of a practical home and avoid mortgage stress.

4. More Than A Home – There’s endless uses for our container homes. Besides being perfect as regular housing, they are also perfect as an on-site office for developers, extra storage space for homeowners, added sheds for farming properties, start-up offices for small business owners, residential and holiday park accommodation and more. The possibilities are endless!

5. Finance Available – While our container homes are budget-friendly for all Australians, you’re also welcome to take advantage of our financing options to manage your payment… just call us on 1300 899 108 and we’ll organise this with you.

6. Boost Property& Businesses Value – For savvy homeowners, property investors, holiday parks and businesses that accommodate staff on site, you can’t go wrong adding a container home to your home or business. They’re the perfect investment to help skyrocket the value and selling price of your residential property, to use as a rental or in your business.

7. Quality Guaranteed – With Custom Container Homes you’ll be investing with confidence knowing that all of our buildings are 100% asbestos-free, meet all Australian Standards and have SAA certification on electrical systems and glass, and watermark on all plumbing.

Additional benefits with Custom Container Homes include:

  • Hands-on personal service from order to delivery
  • Expert advice to guide you through the entire process from start to finish
  • Can’t find the container or relocatable home you want? We’ll get it for you!
  • Have an idea? We can design it for you!
  • Tired of renting? Our customised container homes can help you escape the rental nightmare
  • Council red tape – we can help you cut through those restrictions
  • House staff or own a holiday park? Our container homes are probably a tax deduction!

And these are just some of the benefits businesses and people of all ages and incomes are enjoying with Custom Container Homes in New South Wales.



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